True curve update not allowed - (400 error or 'code 1005' error)

True curve update not allowed - (400 error or 'code 1005' error)

Error Value: 'True curve update not allowed'. We have seen this represented as 'code 1005' and '400 error'. See examples of the error below from GeoWorx Sync and GIP reports. 

Error Meaning: GeoWorx Sync or GIP is trying to update/create a line feature in the UN that contains a true curve. In the Publish dialogue box in ArcPro, there is a setting to 'Only allow true curve updates by true curve clients'. If this is checked, you may get this error. The documentation from Esri communicates that the Utility Network requires enabling the option to 'only allow true curve updates by true curve clients', however turning off the setting using the web-based ArcGIS Server Manager is allowed and is a work around for the error. Please see details below.

Example of a true curve: 

GeoWorx Sync and GIP reported errors:

Resolution (Workaround): Please read through the steps that were done by a Geonexus customer. Esri's documentation on the error should also be referenced if you are experiencing this error. 

 << The following steps were taken by a Geonexus client and notes were copied from the support ticket with the client >>

That is an odd one. If I try to republish the UN feature service from ArcGIS Pro with the “Only allow true curve updates by true curve clients” option off, I get the error message shown in the help document you linked below:

(Setting has been turned off)

(Attempting to publish with the setting turned off)

However, I can turn off the setting using the web based ArcGIS Server Manager and it won’t stop me.

(Feature turned off)

(Shows setting turned off in the REST services directory for the feature service)

From the linked support page, it does say that setting is required so it makes sense that Pro would throw up an error. For now, I have turned off the setting through the web server manage. We can give it a try and see what happens. 

I suppose at the worst, we could redraw those features and not use curves. I’ll do a little digging to see if I can help.

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